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Tin Mine Hike, Franklin Mountain State Park, El Paso, Texas

Franklin Mountains State Park

Mule Shoe Loop, Tin Mine Unit

Located in the city of El Paso, the Franklin Mountains State Park is at the far western part of Texas that borders New Mexico and the Mexican state of Chihuahua. 

The park consists of an entire Chihuahuan Desert mountain range with the highest point on North Franklin Mountain at 7,192 feet - almost 3,000 feet above the city of El Paso. With approximately 27,000 acres, the Franklin Mountains State Park offers exceptional outdoor recreation with 100+ miles of multi-use trails ideal for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. Trails offer an opportunity to enjoy nature, diverse geology, and a wide variety of birdlife and desert plants - all within the city limits of El Paso.  The park has five access points throughout El Paso, making it easy to find a nearby trail. Access points include the Tom Mays Unit, Tin Mine Unit, Smugglers Pass Unit, McKelligon Canyon Unit, and the Hitt Canyon Unit. Details and directions can be found in our guidebook and on the Franklin Mountains State Park website.

If you live in El Paso, hiking "the Franklins" never gets old due to the variety and locations of the trails. If you are passing through El Paso, take a detour and explore a trail or two - you won't regret it! 

For photos of Franklin Mountains State Park, visit our photo gallery.

Hiking Franklin Mountains State Park in El Paso, Texas

View above El Paso Tin Mine, Tin Mine Unit

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